If you answered yes on more than 4 questions on this questionnaire you might have some level of dependence on digital devices, and can benefit from changing some of your patterns of technology use. The Awareness and Choice course can benefit you. Sign Up

If you answered yes on fewer than 4 questions, your relationship with technology might be balanced. Feel free to review the questions.

#1 Do you find the time you are are spending on digital devices increasing?

#2 Do you often lose track of time while using digital devices?

#3 Do you often avoid tasks or activities to spend time on digital devices?

#4 Do you often check your digital device before starting a new activity or task?

#5 Do you feel discomfort if you do not have access to a connected digital device? (forgot your phone, battery died, internet down, etc.)

#6 Do you find yourself preferring to spend more and more time with online friends rather than face to face?

#7 Do you become annoyed when interrupted doing an online activity or on a digital device?

#8 Do you often feel judged or criticized by others in your life for using digital devices?

#9 Do you often hide your use of digital devices from others?

#10 Do you usually eat while using a digital device?

#11 Do you often use a digital device first thing when you wake up or last thing before falling asleep?

#12 Do you use digital devices while driving or engaged in other attention critical activities?

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